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Help! There Are Bats All Over My Kansas City Yard

April 15, 2022 - Bats

Bats are often hated or feared creatures, and they are even seen as indicators of scary situations. Many people associate bats either with vampires and other horror creatures or with the spread of disease, but some find these animals rather cute. While bats do have a role in the environment, bat species in your yard can indeed be dangerous and challenging to deal with. It’s important to learn more about the bat species in the area and how to deal with them, including finding effective Kansas City pest control for wildlife problems.

What Attracts Bats To Your Home?

Like most animals, bats need access to food, water, and shelter. They prefer an easy-to-access source of freshwater, so standing water or being near something like a lake or pond can attract them. They also need ample food sources. Bats mostly eat insects of all kinds, and most bat species eat gnats, mosquitoes, beetles, flies, and more. Having bats around your property can often mean you have an abundance of other pests around.

Lastly, bats need a place to nest. They prefer places like eaves, rooflines, or inside attics where they hang upside down as they sleep during the day.

What Is The Easiest Way To Deter Bats

Bat control is vital because these creatures do pose some risks. They can spread some illnesses such as rabies, and their guano can build up and spread histoplasmosis in the air. These droppings can also damage property and pose slip and fall risks.

For these reasons, focusing on how to prevent bats is a good idea. Overall, the best way to prevent bats from coming onto your property is with assistance from the pest control experts at Critter Ridder. We offer wildlife control options that address bats and other common wildlife in the area.

Five Tips To Keeping Bats Off Your Property

Along with help from our pest control experts, there are also a few measures you can follow on your own to keep bats away. These simple steps are easy to implement, and while they won’t guarantee that bats don’t come around, they can reduce the risk.

Here are five steps to start with:

  1. Look around your house for holes that bats could fit through. Seal up openings that are bigger than one quarter to half an inch.
  2. Get window screens and chimney caps to keep bats out of attics.
  3. Address underlying insects issues by maintaining your yard and removing trash from around the property.
  4. Get rid of standing water and make sure that rainwater can drain.
  5. Hang bird netting if bats have started to roost under your roof.

Efficient Bat Removal in Kansas City

Have you already been dealing with bats? While they might not all be as dangerous as you might have heard, it’s still not a good idea to keep them around. Bats can also be tricky to remove as they can easily fly away, and they also might bite if they feel threatened, which can put you at risk of catching an illness.

Instead of trying to remove bats on your own, contact the team at Critter Ridder today for assistance. We offer bat control and wildlife control in Kansas City. We can eradicate any current problems and also provide ongoing prevention services. Contact us to request a quote.