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How Do Kansas City Ants Create Their Nests?

August 15, 2022 - Ants

Ants are a big problem for homeowners here in Kansas City. If these pests are building nests around or inside your home, they will be much more likely to cause issues indoors. The question is, how do Kansas City ants create their nests? We are going to be talking about this today and walking you through one great option to keep these pests out of your home. If you are less interested in learning about ants and more interested in quick and affordable solutions, call us now. We will tell you about our Kansas City pest control options and help you find an ant control solution that best fits your needs.

The Remarkable Self-Organization of Ants 

Some pests are unorganized and disjointed. Ants are exactly the opposite. These social insects work great together. You have probably noted this outdoors after seeing a few dozen of these bugs working together to carry a leaf or a piece of food. Some species of fire ants have the ability to latch their bodies together to create floating islands to survive floods. It is quite amazing to see. What is less amazing is having ants inside your home. Most often ants start invasions by sending in a scout. This scout is in charge of finding food or moisture. If something tasty is found, they will create a pheromone trail that leads back to their colony. This trail leads other ants indoors and is what causes those long and annoying ant trails.

What Do Ant Nests Look Like?

Different types of ants build different types of nests. The most common type of ant nest is built into the ground and has a mound at its top. Most ant mounds have a central hole. Some species build multiple mounds and have nests that expand several feet underground. One common species of ant that builds nests in a different way is the carpenter ant. What are carpenter ants? They are a local species that chew tunnels into structural wood. Carpenter ants prefer wood that is water-damaged, rotting, or in decay. If you live in an older home, consider having it inspected for these types of problems and having them addressed.

Ant Architects: How Do Ants Construct Their Nests?

Typical ant nests are started by worker ants that bring soil to the surface. This is how mounds are formed. As workers tunnel deeper into the ground they begin constructing nest chambers. One of these chambers is used by a queen to produce young. The more members there are in a colony the faster nests can be formed. Most often the only thing limiting nest size is access to food. As long as ants have access to your home or food sources on your property, they will continue to expand their colony size and cause problems.

Ant Control For Kansas City Residents 

If you are tired of squishing ants inside your home and are looking for a good method to keep these pests out, year-round, we would love to help. At Cridder Ridder, we understand pest problems and offer detailed services to remove and control pests like ants. Our services start with a detailed inspection. After we have checked your home for pest pressures and potential entry points, we will then put in place some quick-working treatments to eliminate existing ants and create a defensive barrier to prevent future infestation. You will have a hard time finding better residential ant control.

Call now to find an ant control plan that fits your needs and learn why Cridder Ridder is well known for pest control in Kansas City.