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Preventative Pest Control Is The Key To Pest-Free Homes In Kansas City

September 15, 2022 - Pest Control

If you had the choice between a pest-free home or a home crawling with pests, which would you choose? Most people do not enjoy living with pests. The question is, what does it take to combat invasive species in our area? Today we will discuss preventive pest control in Kansas City and offer options to handle your pest problems. If you want more solutions and less reading, jump to our contact us page. We will talk you through our professional pest control options and find a service time that works best for you.

Tips For Preventative Pest Control

There are two sides to pest control: prevention and elimination. One of these methods is much easier than the other. Eliminating pests requires detailed knowledge of pest control products and strategies. DIY prevention only requires a bit of knowledge and elbow grease. Here are some tips we recommend you use to keep pests out of your Kansas City home.

  • Use some caulk and a caulking gun to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure your doors and windows are properly sealed and in good condition.
  • Close unscreened windows and doors if you are not using them.
  • Keep your living areas clean and tidy.
  • Repair damage to your home’s gutters.
  • Eliminate sources of water build-up in and around your home.
  • Use a dehumidifier indoors.
  • Store leftover food inside air-tight containers.
  • Make sure all of your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.
  • Turn off outside lights when it gets dark out.
  • Avoid feeding your pets outdoors.

As you can see, preventing pests on your own is not easy. At Cridder Ridder, we offer homeowners simple and effective general pest control services to help homeowners avoid a wide range of local pests.

Regular Pest Control Is Important

A general pest control plan is a blessing to have. It allows you to enjoy life without being plagued by annoying, dangerous, and destructive invaders. This service does not, however, protect against every pest. Some pests like rodents, termites, and carpenter ants need specialty services. The good news is that we have several different pest control options. If you want more protection, we would be happy to design a plan for your home.

Tackling Seasonal Pest Control

One benefit to a dependable pest control plan is that you don’t have to deal with seasonal pests. Here in Kansas City, pest problems worsen during the late fall and winter. This is due to the cold pushing uncomfortable creatures indoors. If you do not have some type of protection, you might see pests like stink bugs, rodents, and cockroaches indoors. With us on your side, however, you won’t have to worry about these common problems.

Residential Pest Control For Kansas City Homeowners

The biggest challenge with professional pest control in Kansas City is finding a company that is competent, kind, and consistent. These are three things we strive for at Cridder Ridder. We are one of the best-priced pest control providers in the area and are focused on taking care of our community. Let us take care of your pest control needs and establish long-lasting protection for your home and property. We also offer quick services for existing pest problems. It all depends on what you are looking for.

Call today to learn more about your options from one of our friendly service representatives. They will answer your questions, walk you through our services, and schedule an appointment for your home and property.