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The Home Pest Solution For Kansas City Residents

October 15, 2022 - Pest Control

We work and save for years for the opportunity to purchase a home. Although owning your little piece of real estate is part of the American dream, taking responsibility for the well-being of our property is necessary to maintain the dream. To ensure a lifetime of enjoyment, we must protect our homes against fire, flood, winds, burglars, and pests. 

Securing the Kansas City pest control team from Cridder Ridder will ensure you are protecting your hard-earned investment from pests. We have been serving the great people of the Kansas City area since 1999; we will shield your home from pests and rodents. 

What Does Home Pest Control Typically Consist Of?

Home pest control involves removing or minimizing rodents, insects, and spiders from a residential property. Once the decision to secure professionals like Cridder Ridder, we begin the process of eliminating or controlling the undesirables from the property. The first step is to discover the problem needing to be solved. Once the homeowner explains the issue, highly-trained technicians travel to the location to evaluate the situation. 

The second step of the pest control process is to assess the property based on the pest or rodent problem cited by the homeowner. For example, a termite inspection uses different tools and methods than an examination for mice. During the inspection phase, our experts will determine the likely locations of nests so we can stop future generations from infesting the property. If the pest problem is in the house, we will note the entry points into the home and source locations in or around the property. 

The third phase of pest control entails treating the location. Treatment methods depend upon the type of infestation. Pest control services from Cridder Ridder use chemical and natural tools as a part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy to ensure a pest-free environment. Our pest control solution involves treating the interior and exterior of the home. If the issue is a rodent, we will remove the unwanted animals and seal points to stop future invasions. 

How Often Should You Schedule Home Pest Control Services

The frequency of follow-up by a home pest control company in Kansas City like Cridder Ridder depends upon the situation. Some situations require a one-time visit; others need bi-monthly servicing. When our professionals assess your property, we will advise you regarding return visits. If your situation demands reoccurring visits, but you need assistance, we will re-service your location for free in between scheduled treatments. 

Does Your New Home Need Pest Control?

The allure of purchasing a new home is the perception that nothing should go wrong for a few years. While this may be true regarding appliances and the structure, pests do not care if it is a new house. Your home may be in a new location with a retention pond that attracts mosquitoes or near woods harboring raccoons or rats. 

Securing pest control for a new home is a wise decision. The pest control team can create a barrier around the house, identify potential entry points, and alert the homeowner of issues that may create future problems. 

Total Home Pest Control Solutions In Kansas City

If you are looking for pest control near you, look no further than Cridder Ridder. We have NWCOA-certified experts and a team with over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry. Jackson County residents recognize us as one of the best in the pest control and wildlife removal industry. Contact us today and request more information! Don't take chances on your hard-earned investment by ignoring the need for pest control for your Kansas City home.