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Home Pest Control In Kansas City, MO

Kansas City's Number One Choice For Residential Pest Control

Hundreds of homeowners throughout the Kansas City area choose Cridder Ridder for all their residential pest control needs. From ants and bed bugs to termites and mosquitoes, our professionals have everything it takes to rid your home of common Kansas City pests.

The Cridder Ridder Residential Pest Control Process

Since our foundation, Cridder Ridder has believed in three simple truths:

  1. No homeowner deserves to live in fear of pests.
  2. All residential pest control services should center on the needs of the individual.
  3. Pest control shouldn't just 'treat' pests; it should eliminate them for good!

With these ideas in mind, Cridder Ridder has developed a residential pest control program that goes far above the expectations of traditional services.

  • We offer emergency and same-day services for serious wildlife pest pressures, helping to eliminate dangerous invaders within a few short hours. 
  • Our pest-free guarantee protects your home and family from recurring pest visitors, proving that our service is a cut above the rest. 
  • Each of our wildlife and pest control services implements Integrated Pest Management strategies, which harness the power of cultural, chemical, and natural controls for a more sustainable future. 
  • Our inspections and estimates evaluate your entire home and consider all possible pest threats near your property.

Schedule your first-ever visit from the team at Cridder Ridder by calling our Overland Park office or sending a no-obligation email.

Bimonthly & One Time Residential Services From Cridder Ridder

Every residential pest treatment from Cridder Ridder follows a proven plan that locks pest species out for good.


Once our technicians receive your call, we will immediately schedule a visit to look for droppings, evidence of pest activity, possible entry points, and other conditions that may be conducive to a potential infestation. We believe in 100% transparency and provide a comprehensive oral report of our findings after completing our inspection.


After identifying the pest species, we will quickly implement the solutions you need. Our team will visit your house once more to spray baseboards, dust eaves, create a border around the outside of the home, and scatter an outdoor granular mixture that stops pests fast. Cridder Ridder technicians have pledged to treat your home as though it were our own, carefully applying our cutting-edge products in a way that protects your family.


Homeowners have the option to receive one-time or bimonthly pest control and exterminator services, each based upon unique situations and needs. Our trained and licensed technicians not only spray for the pests in question but provide helpful suggestions about how to make your home less inviting to dangerous creatures. Best of all, our follow-up services are 100% guaranteed! 

Contact Cridder Ridder To Schedule Your First Residential Inspection

At Cridder Ridder, we've never been able to settle for second best. Providing some of the most effective residential pest control services in Kansas City, our team takes pride in delivering the best possible outcomes to each of our customers. Call today to take advantage of our one-time or bimonthly services, or contact our help desk for more information.