Backyard Beaver Dam

Our Midwest beaver is not always considered a pest animal on wildlife rosters. It is indeed beneficial in some ways such as building dams that preserve wetland areas and controlling soil erosion. But, beavers may also have a negative effect in some areas of Missouri and can be safely removed from your property by a professional at Cridder Ridder.


I guess, like in real estate, it is all a matter of location – location – location. The busy beaver could not possibly know that building a Kansas City backyard beaver dam is unpopular with his human neighbors, and constructing an identical one at another KC location might be less detrimental. Of course, he wouldn’t comprehend that he was flooding a farm or destroying too many trees in a particular forest. None the less, this kind of beaver damage can be expensive and timely to correct or repair.

This brown-furred rodent lives in rivers and ponds all over Missouri and Kansas. He’s a competent swimmer with his webbed back feet. He can slap his large flat tail on the water to warn other beavers that danger is approaching. Some large beavers reach the astonishing weight of 70 pounds.

When beavers are a nuisance to farmers, businesses, or any Missouri or Kansas small town residents, they must be removed in a humane manner. The wildlife professionals who perform this service are well-trained to do so. Cridder Ridder is licensed and aware of all laws in the midwest pertinent to the removal of beavers, muskrats and other unwelcome critters.

A property owner is taking a risk by hiring an unlicensed and unqualified removal service. Their employees may use cruel methods that are against the law. If these untrained people are hurt while on your property you may be sued in a court of law. In the end, they may cause more trouble for you than the beavers that you hired them to remove. Talk to the professionals at Cridder Ridder for help with your wildlife removal jobs and you can be sure it will be a job well done.

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