Bats in Your Overland Park Home


Bats in your Overland Park home can be a frightening and serious problem. They have been found in homes throughout the whole Kansas City Metro area. If it is possible that the bat has come in contact with anyone in your home, the situation should be approached as a possible rabies exposure. Especially if any of the following are true:

  • Do you have a dog or cat?
  • Do you have young children who could have come in to contact with the bat and are not able to tell you about the encounter?
  • Was the bat found in a bedroom or other room where someone sleeps?

If any of those statements are true, the bat needs to be captured so it can be tested for rabies and anyone in the home who may have had contact with the bat may need a series of rabies shots. The series are very expensive, so capturing the bat for testing is helpful and may keep you from having to go through the shot series.

If you discover a bat in your home, it may indicate a more serious bat infestation in your attic or elsewhere. We can help with the removal of a single bat or hundreds. Without professional help, you risk disease exposure and re-infestation. We not only remove the bat(s), but we also clean up their mess and locate and seal all the areas of possible entry.

Is there a bat in your home right now? If so, stay calm and call the animal control professionals in greater Kansas City Metro Area for help. 913-851-2176.

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