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Now that they're out, let's keep it that way.

Keep the Critters from Coming Back 

Exclusions & Repair Work

Once your wildlife or pest problem has been solved, the next step is to look at keeping the critters from returning. Animals get attached to their "homes", so repairing damage and sealing entry points is critical. Our technicians have extensive knowledge about all of these services, and they will talk with you about the potential repairs that will be needed at the time of inspection.

We highly recommend that our customers allow us to complete these services, as it significantly decreases the chance of recurring problems. 

Services Offered by Cridder Ridder


Exclusions are small repairs that keep animals and pests from returning to their nest.  We are excluding them from the property so they will find a new place to live. This works very well for smaller animals like mice, bats, and snakes.  As an added bonus, this also tends to deter larger animals, as well. We will locate entry points and seal them with caulk, stuff holes with steel wool (they can't chew on it!), or close them with sheet metal.  Cracks in bricks and foundations are easy spots for entry, so we seal as many spots as we can find. Once we've confident they haven't or won't return, we inspect the damage and recommend any needed repairs.


Many homes can suffer extensive damage from larger animals. We have seen some unbelievable messes in our years on the job!  We often install or upgrade attic vents and chimney caps, repair soffits, and other small damage that has occurred.  We can't provide repairs for siding and roofs, but we will suggest contractors we recommend

Attic Insulation Remediation

Believe us when we say raccoons and bats can really make a big, nasty mess in your attic. We offer a service that will remove all of the insulation from the attic to rid the home of toxic or soiled material.  We then disinfect the entire area with commercial grade products, and install brand new insulation.  Often, the insulation we install is higher than the original, which increases your home's efficiency while also making the attic space useable and safe.

Pest Management Solutions

Insects and small pests are not only a nuisance, but they can carry disease into your living and working spaces.  It can be stressful to find an infestation in your home, which is why we recommend our pest control solution.  With our recurring spray service, we can deter insects from coming anywhere near the interior of your home, and you can know your family is well-protected!  If you've already stumbled upon an insect issue, please let us know so we can treat the problem at the source and then work to keep them from ever returning.

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