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Goodbye, Wildlife. Hello, Peace of Mind.

Kansas City Wildlife Removal & Critter Control

Do you need wildlife removal or critter control services in Kansas City? We can help!

Put an end to wildlife on your property.

Kansas City has plenty of critters (believe us...we know) that love to make their way into houses and yards all over the city.  From bats in the attic to mice in the basement, Cridder Ridder knows how to eliminate intrusive species from your property.  We've been ridding homes across Kansas City of their nuisance animals since 1999, and our team of licensed, skilled professionals can handle everything from removal to exclusion to repairs. You can sleep peacefully knowing we're on the job! 

Cridder Ridder removes and/or excludes bats, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, mice, groundhogs, snakes, certain species of birds, and other wildlife.  We have custom solutions for almost any type of intrusive animal issue, including interior and exterior damage.  

Contact our friendly scheduling staff - they are committed to prompt service and making sure our customers have as much information as possible. We love to help!

How Our KC Wildlife Control Service Works

By checking into our services, you've already made the right choice!  Wildlife intrusions should always be handled by licensed experts with an understanding of an animal's habits and lifestyle.  Many issues occur at upper levels of the home or commercial building, requiring large ladders and specialized equipment.  Cridder Ridder's technicians are fully-trained in safety procedures for ladders and working at heights, not to mention knowledgeable about the various protections for certain species (which carry legal ramifications if not followed properly).

Our first step is to perform a detailed inspection of the property and any damage incurred.  We start with what our customer has already seen, and then we begin our search for entry points, animal droppings, scratching or other marks, and other small clues to the type of animal present. Our inspection also takes into account potential entry points for additional types of animals or pests. We give our customer as much information as possible about what we've observed, and present our solution for removal, exclusion, and repair. 

The removal process ranges from simple to complex, typically based on animal type and how many need to be removed.  We will consult with you about your preferred manner of tackling the issue, and also provide you with an estimate for cost (which usually includes any suggested repairs).  Keep in mind, animals are sneaky and try to keep coming back until their access is closed off and repaired, but our goal is to remove them as efficiently as possible.  

Once the animal is removed, any suggested repairs that were approved by the property owner will begin. Our most frequent repairs are things like chimney cap replacement, attic cleaning (including removal and replacement of insulation), concrete backfill, and covering exterior holes. We do our best to provide high-quality repairs that blend in with your home's exterior.  

Call Cridder Ridder 

Amazing customer service is our pride and joy.  All of your interactions with our kind, helpful office staff and our knowledgeable, skilled field technicians should be exceptional. Join the thousands of other Kansas City Metro customers who love our commitment to Kansas City wildlife control services and excellence!  Call us or complete our online contact form for more information or to schedule services.

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