Our Team

Cridder Ridder is a professional certified, licensed, and insured pest control and wildlife removal company, servicing the greater Kansas City region. 

We strive for the highest level of customer service. When you call, our receptionist will answer the phone, discuss your problem, and give you a price estimate. One of our certified technicians will arrive at your property within the desired appointment time, in a well identified company truck.

Our goal is to solve your problem, whether it be spiders in your house, squirrels in your attic, mice in your kitchen or any other pest/wildlife issue.


Missy has 20+ years of customer service experience and has been the office manager for Cridder Ridder since 2016.  Despite having a fear of most wildlife, she is very knowledgeable on the critters around the Kansas City area.  She takes pride in being honest and fair with all of our customers.  She lives in Belton and enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and grandchildren.  


Nikki joined the team in March 2020, as a receptionist, bringing with her 17 years of retail customer service.  She loves being able to help clients navigate the, often unfamiliar, process of dealing with wildlife, and the continual learning that the job brings.  In 2019, she moved from the west coast of British Columbia, Canada to Missouri to marry her best friend, and enjoys spending time with her husband and cat (yes, the cat moved here, too), cheering on the Canucks, and dropping the occasional “eh” or “aboot”.  


Michael is the Director of Field Operations for Cridder Ridder.  He joined our team in 2018 with a background in customer service and experience in the Army.  Michael is NWCOA certified for bat evictions.  In his free time, he enjoys weightlifting, rock climbing/rappelling, traveling, long walks on the beach and drinking long island iced tea.  Michael’s favorite animal is the jaguar.


Andrew has been a technician with Cridder Ridder since 2018, and has a BA degree in Political Science and Communications.  His favorite parts of the job are getting to drive all around town, be on rooftops with great views, and deal with wild animals.  He is NWCOA certified for bat evictions.  In his free time, Andrew enjoys hiking, art, video game design, weightlifting, hanging out with friends and eating BBQ.


Mason is a 2017 graduate from University of Central Missouri with a degree in Wildlife Biology.  Since graduation, he has worked in animal welfare and is now enjoying is new role as a wildlife technician with Cridder Ridder.  He is NWCOA certified for bat evictions.  His areas of expertise are amphibians and reptiles and he enjoys educating customers on these lesser-known animals.  Mason lives in Independence with his fiancé and dogs.


Josh is a former firefighter that loves working with animals every day.  He loves showing people that wild animals should be appreciated and not feared.  His favorite marsupial is the opossum and his hero is still Steve Irwin.  Josh enjoys fishing, spending time with his dog named Toad, and saving reptiles trying to cross the street every summer.


Matt has been the owner of Cridder Ridder for the past 5 years.  He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Kansas State University in Biology.  He also is licensed and certified in Wildlife Removal, Pest Management, and is NWCOA certified for bat evictions.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, attending church, and playing volleyball and disc golf.